23 Tucson Educators Participated In This May 2019 Study Tour

5 State Study Tour Tucson Travelers


Health and Nutrition Services Director, Child-Parent Centers, Inc. (CPC) Head Start

Alana’s background is Higher Education and Public Health. She works to ensure alignment of Health/Nutrition services with CPC’s Reggio-inspired curriculum.

Alana will focus on how Reggio schools integrate health and nutrition in their centers, their services to exceptional children, and their engagement with parents and community health providers.


Studio Teacher, Second Street Children’s School

In my current role as Studio Teacher, Amy has been completely inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. She has attempted to combine its powerful ideas with her own experiences as an artist and art educator.

Amy will focus on the role of Atelieristas, their role and their work with teachers. She knows that this visit to the RE schools will greatly inform her continued study and practices.


Education Specialist, Child-Parent Centers, Inc. (CPC) Head Start

Aneli has been a Head Start teacher for eleven years. In her new role as an Education Specialist, she supports the centers and teaching staff in the implementation of the locally designed curriculum inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach.

Aneli will focus on the implementation of the principals of Reggio Emilia throughout our many programs with an emphasis on family engagement and the image of the child.


Assistant Director, Outer Limits School

Blanca’s passion for high quality ECE shines through at Outer Limits and as a Board member for the Southern Arizona AEYC. She believes in the power of education – not only for children but for adults as well.

Blanca wants to study everything this summer in Italy; however, since that is not possible she will focus on how effective observation and documentation impact student learning.


ECE Educator and Student, Second Street Children’s School / UA South

Carmen is studying for her BAS in Early Childhood Studies. In her role at Second Street Children’s School, she was introduced to the Reggio perspective by her colleagues and directors. She is Vice-President of Somos Enlace, a student organization for early childhood students.

Carmen’s focus will be on the roles of documentation and the atilierista, and strategies that connect community with early childhood.


Teacher, Wright Elementary School, TUSD

Caroline has been transforming and nurturing her role as an educator (PreK – 8th) for several decades through collaboration with others. Currently she is learning alongside 2-5 year olds in a public school inclusion classroom. She embraces elements of Reggio Inspired experiences in her practice.

Her focus will be on the dynamic documentation processes to communicate the multiple modes of learning with anecdotal notes, work samples and photographs.

5 State Study Tour Tucson Travelers


Education Specialist, Child-Parent Centers Inc. Head Start

Celena supports the implementation of a locally designed curriculum using researched based coaching and mentoring strategies while supporting the philosophy and strategies of the Reggio Emilia approach that have been studied by the teaching teams and family Educators of Child Parent Centers.

Celena will focus on promoting strong cohesive relationships between children, parents, teachers and the community as co-constructors of knowledge.


Education Coordinator, Child-Parent Center, Inc. Head Start

Deb, as Pedagogista, supports teachers who provide comprehensive services to children and their families. Deb contributed to the development of the locally designed, “Languages of Learning”, inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. Deb is a member of Tucson Children’s Project and NAREA.

Deb will focus will on the role of Pedegogista, professional development and collaboration as agents of advocacy for all.


Preschool Teacher, Tucson Jewish Community Center

Demaris educates and engages children and their families to create community, trust and respect. She mentors and collaborates with coworkers and administration. The Reggio Emilia philosophy has created a foundation for her practice.

Demaris will focus on the benefits of truly authentic collaboration and documentation as it pertains to her community context, as well as, how to inspire and educate coworkers.


Family & Community Partnerships Director, Child-Parent Centers, Inc. Head Start

Ekna supports Head Start early childhood partnerships with both centers and family child care providers. She works to ensure that the tenets of CPC’s Reggio-inspired curriculum are infused in the unique partnership with family child care infant-toddler programs.

Ekna will focus on Reggio-inspired approaches that integrate family engagement, inclusion, and mental health wellness in infant/toddler programs.


Kindergarten Teacher, ECE Graduate Student Second Street Children’s School, U of AZ

Francesca, inspired by social justice, believes that access to a dignified education is every child’s right. Learning about the Reggio Emilia municipal schools, their history and founding principles, Francesca determined to use this theoretical lens to grow as an educator and advocate.

Francesca will focus on the pedagogical, historical, cultural and social aspects of the Reggio Emilia approach to education.


Director, Second Street Children’s School

Jenny is the director of Second Street Children’s School in Tucson Arizona, a Reggio inspired program where she began teaching when it first opened 28 years ago. Jenny began working in the early childhood education field as a teen, setting her on the path to a career of teaching and supporting young children, their families and educators.

Jenny plans to focus on relationships, interactions and interdependence.

5 State Study Tour Tucson Travelers


Associate Director, Second Street Children’s School

Jeri has been an educator in the field of early childhood education as a teacher, parent, board member and administrator for over 25 years. Her inspiration by the Reggio Emilia approach began in the early 1990’s and she thrilled to participate in the 5 State Reggio Study Tour.

Jeri plans to focus on Relationships, Interactions and Interdependence.


Early Childhood Consultant, Las Familias Community of Practice

Julia provides professional development for early childhood educators through a grant to support Communities of Practice. On her second trip to Reggio, she looks forward to sharing new learning experience with colleagues, and dreaming about the possibilities of putting inspiration into action.

Julia will focus on intentional curriculum planning based upon observation, reflection, and collaboration, documentation; and, the value of play and exploration.


Education Coordinator, Child-Parent Centers Inc. (Head Start)

Juliana works as a coach and coordinator for Education Specialists and teaching staff. Juliana’s work focuses on supporting teaching staff and Education Coaches in their understanding of the Reggio inspired tenets of CPC’s locally designed curriculum.

Juliana will focus on the use of observation, documentation, and reflection for intentional curriculum planning, emphasizing how learning experiences are woven throughout each child’s interests and play.


Education Coordinator, Child Parent Centers, Inc. Head Start

Karla supports the implementation of Child-Parent Center’s early childhood education philosophy, principles, and locally designed curriculum using researched based coaching and mentoring strategies in her work with education staff, children and families at her assigned centers.

Karla will focus on the importance of the Role of the Environment & Materials, as an intentionally designed space for children and families that invites exploration, relationships and learning.


Director and Special Education Teacher, Tanque Verde Community Preschool

Kristen is currently creating a brand new, inclusive preschool in the Tanque Verde Unified School District, set to open in August 2019.

She is most interested in learning ways to support children with special rights in a public school setting, as well as facilitate authentic community and family partnerships.


Education Director, Child-Parent Centers Inc., Head Start & Early Head Start

Leo is responsible for program operations, leadership and regulatory functions. She manages program planning and improvement, as well as evaluates and supports staff professional development with the context of Head Start Performance Standards and the Reggio approach.

During her second study tour, Leo will focus on strategies for professional development.

5 State Study Tour Tucson Travelers


Home Base Coordinator, Child-Parent Centers Inc.

Michelle works as a coach and coordinator for the Home Visiting program, supporting Family Educators in their work with families in their homes. She works with the Education Department to use the locally designed Reggio-inspired curriculum in a Family Educator’s work.

She will focus on the image of the parent / child and the role of documentation and collaboration with home visitors.


Director, Program Development, Tucson Children’s Project

Mimi works to expand access to professional development for educators and advocates who are interested in learning more about the influence and inspiration of the Municipal Schools.. Most recently, she served as Pedagogista and as Studio Teacher at Ochoa Community School.

She will focus on the framework and infrastructure of the RE schools that makes it possible to actualize their values of collaboration, documentation and inclusion.


Studio Teacher, Ochoa Community School

For the past three years, the Reggio philosophy has informed Ruth's teaching practice at Ochoa Community Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona, where she has held the position of Studio Teacher. Throughout her career in the arts, Ruth has sought to provide intergenerational mentoring opportunities to youth and adults in San Francisco, California, and Tucson, Arizona.

Ruth will focus on relationships during the 5 State Study Tour.


Education Specialist, Child-Parent Centers Inc. Head Start

As a coach for Teaching Teams and Family Educators, Sandra supports early childhood education philosophy and locally designed curriculum inspired by the Reggio philosophy and approach to learning.

Sandra will focus on promoting strong images of children, parents, and teachers, on creating and designing high quality learning environments, and connecting with colleagues and families in the community.


Executive Director, Tucson Children’s Project

Teresa directs fund development and community outreach to promote the study of the Reggio Emilia philoso phy. Teresa brought the RE approach to the Southeastern Arizona’s Head Start program, and co-authored

A Language of Learning Framework a locally constructed curriculum.

Teresa’s focus will be on the strategies of time and space for dialogue, observation, and documentation, and their impact on organization, flexibility, creative and authentic experiences.


The Tucson educators met monthly to prepare for the Study Tour at the Keen Studio., a collaboratation between the Tucson Children’s Project and Child-Parent Centers, Inc. (Head Start).

We thank the Five State Representatives for their consistently responsive efforts on behalf of 200 travelers who are excit-ed to continue the study of the municipal schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

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